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Live-in care, the perfect alternative to residential care

The concept of live-in care – where a carer lives with a loved one in their one home – as an alternative to residential care is not new. In fact St Jude’s Care has been providing such a service for many years. However, this type of care is still not really considered mainstream and it is surprising how many people are unaware of the live-in care as an option – thinking that moving into a care home means leaving home for good.

How Live-in Care differs from a Residential Care Home

Live-in care is where a professional, qualified and vetted carer comes and lives in your loved one’s home, providing the care and support they need to live life the way they choose. If there is a requirement for round the clock care, the carer is seamlessly rotated with another in order to provide continuous support. These rotational patterns are tailored specifically to your loved one’s needs.

The most obvious difference between live-in care and a residential care home is that your relative can remain living in their own home; meaning no upheaval, no move to new or unfamiliar surroundings. They can also continue to keep their much-loved pets as many residential care home can’t accommodate them. Life for all intents and purposes can continue as normal as links with friends and family are also maintained.

The real benefits of live-in care are recognised when you consider the 1-2-1 care that is provided. A live in carer will provide dedicated one-to-one care whereas in a residential care home many carers work on a rotational basis. Being supported by one carer promotes a depth of professional relationship that enables a carer to respond instantly should the need arise. They can recognise any signs of possible decline in condition, changes in mood, rapid onset of health deterioration as well as fully understand what makes a difference in the client’s day, e.g. what makes them laugh and smile, what relaxes them, are there any general routines that make life as good as it can be.

You will find that there is funding available for both care options. Live-in care is comparable in cost to a residential care home and is a much more cost effective care option to the more elite care homes. In many instances one live in carer can provide care for a couple, which is far more financially viable than the cost of two beds in a residential care home.

If you would like more information about our live in care options as an alternative to a residential care home please contact us on 01305 779888.