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What We do

Carers can come to visit you in your own home for a specific time period, anything from 30 minutes per week.  The number of visits, how often are decided with you at your assessment meeting with our dedicated care team.


What we aim to deliver:

-       Good old fashion service, carers who are passionate and dedicated to their career

-       Regular call time for you with regular carers

-       Rota issued each week to confirm the call times and the names of the carers attending (subject to any last minute changes)

-       If the carer is going to be late for their call we will ring and let you know

-       Any new carer will be introduced to you

-       Arriving at the time we have said we will and staying for the full length of the call

-       Carers maintaining your independence, dignity and respect while keeping you safe

-       Reviews and spot checks of your care at regular intervals