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How to get a care assessment?

The process is called a 'home care assessment'. The aim is to work out exactly what your needs are, and the level and type of care and support required to meet these needs. At this stage we will also help and advise whether or not someone is eligible for care and support funded by the council.

Contact us by calling the office or completing the Contact Us form and one of our specialist care team advisors will talk with you about what you might need and arrange a suitable time to come and see you to undertake the assessment.   At the assessment we will talk though how you like to live and how you would wish to be supported by our carers so you can continue to enjoy your life to the full.

What will my assessment involve?


The assessment may include finding out about:

  • Present living arrangements, and arrangements for care

  • Health and disabilities, and what you/they can and cannot do.

  • Worries, and how they want to be supported; this may be giving details of the types of service sought and how they want the support to be arranged 


It is helpful to write down any important points before the assessment, so you can input your concerns and do not forget any issues you want to raise.